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Setting up a traditional bank account in Estonia: How to know if it’s right for you

From collecting payments from customers, paying suppliers and employee salaries to making business-related purchases, opening a dedicated business bank account is crucial to the day-to-day operational success of any business. With the digital disruption of the banking sector bringing a rapid rise to new and innovative payment institutions, including digital banks and fintechs based in […]

Introducing Invest in Estonia: Helping potential and existing investors unlock opportunities

Estonia regularly hits the headlines as a country which offers excellent advice and opportunities for businesses. You may have read about solutions like e-Residency or the exemplary support for start-up growth and investment. Invest in Estonia provide guidance, resources, tools and consultancy to help new and exciting businesses navigate key areas of business support such […]

How does the liquidation of an Estonian company work?

If your business plans don’t work out as you have planned and you wish to end your business activities in Estonia, there are several options to do so. This article will cover the option of selling the company and liquidating it. Selling the company Before considering liquidation, we recommend you try selling the company. If […]