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Emerald Foundry

Our objective is to help you unlock the potential of your organization, gain new perspectives, and leverage on your strengths to reach your goals.

To do so, we bring over 50 years of combined experience in management and entrepreneurship; in addition, we have a strong network of partners that enables us to address every aspect of your business.


We are e-residents ourselves, and we understand the intricacies of international business; but we are also well-connected with the Estonian ecosystem and can help tap into the local resources and opportunities.


We take the time to understand your unique needs, and we develop tailored strategies and action plans to help you achieve the success you deserve.


For Silva Hunt clients, we offer a free one-hour consultation and a follow-up session. Feel free to contact for more info or to book your meeting.



Airwallex offers enterprise level banking and payments solutions, that has…

  • Virtual cards
  • Expense cards
  • Multiple currency accounts with localised bank account details
  • Online payments integrated to ecommerce platforms and Xero invoices
  • Multi user and fx rates 80-90% cheaper than high st banks with international payments that don’t need the swift network.

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Gateway Ventures

Gateway Ventures is one of the largest start-up investor networks in the DACH region and comprises more than 3,000 investors as well as numerous incubators, accelerators and VCs. Gateway Ventures connects start-ups and investors, arranges equity investments for early-stage and growth financing, and supports start-ups throughout the entire investment process. We are investing in the most promising start-ups in Europe. We are especially happy to have an Estonian company, Fairown, amongst our portfolio start-ups.

We are providing a digital full-service investment experience. We offer our investors a selection of high-quality start-ups, accompany investors through the whole investment process and take care of the portfolio Management thereafter.

We can offer investors that come via Silva Hunt that they can start with an investment of 5k instead of 10k. Additionally, we can offer a short and exclusive video call with one of our start-up experts, where attendees can ask questions about start-up investments.

For more information feel free to book a Calendly meeting with Robert Stammen: .


Wise was launched in 2011 with the vision of making international money transfers cheap, fair, and simple. Today, our multi-currency account helps millions of people and businesses manage their money across the World.

For fast registration of your company´s bank account, use this link.



SPACES is the newest full-service office center in Tallinn. Based on the great quality of work space and professional customer service received, we here at Silva Hunt would be happy to invite our clients to other SPACES and Regus centers operated by IWG in over 3500 locations across 122 countries.

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Systrade AG

Systrade is the leading introducing broker to Interactive Brokers located in Liechtenstein. We are focused on professional traders, institutional companies and asset managers. Our strengths are the best price and the best network for traders and asset managers. Also Systrade is expert in issuing certificates and structured SPV-s.

The main value for the customers is our network for all issues around asset management, Interactive Brokers, investing and trading.

For more information visit or e-mail to Thomas Heyden:


Founded in 2007, Avaron is an independent Estonia-based money manager. We invest the assets of private individuals, companies and institutional investors in listed equities, bonds, commodities and investment funds. Our core competence is analysis of companies’ stocks and bonds, economic cycles and market trends. We advise clients on how to best invest their money through market cycles based on each investor’s personal risk tolerance and return expectations. We also assist investors in technical set up of accounts.

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Clients of Silva Hunt get a personal treatment and assistance.

Thomas Bothe – Art of Reaction

Unlock a vast potential for improved business results through better communication skills. See your team acting smarter as you change fundamental communication habits, responses and reactions.

How do we create teams with members who are confident in their own and other’s ability to contribute? Imagine a team where differences in personality are not just fashionably tolerated, but actually used?

Thomas offers a 2-3 full days (or 4-6 half days) training workshop for management- and project teams.

Get in touch with Thomas Bothe through LinkedIn or write an email after your visit

Special offer for Silva Hunt clients is – 10% discount.

Maša Dalanay – Business Fixer & Solutions Designer to Women Entrepreneurs

The main value of my services is OPTIMISATION of the cash flow and consequently the whole business. I help stabilize the business and make it ready to grow/pivot or just keep it consistent.

Bonus of working with me is that I can uncover the issues my clients cannot see themselves because they are too involved. And I help them connect their businesses to their lifestyle, so they are running the business the way that it suits them and their personality & family life.

As a special deal when mentioning Silva Hunt is a free bonus introductory session with a Confidence Coach.

For more information visit or send e-mail to


Paradigm Shift is a technology solutions partner. We help new businesses and startups launch apps, design prototypes, and create digital marketing strategies. Our IT services include business process automation, management, cybersecurity, website monitoring and ongoing maintenance and support.

We are invested in designing solutions that will grow with your business. We collaborate with clients to ensure each solution works with their budgets, scoping out development requirements before any contracting so that costs can be minimized, and time is saved.

In addition to the 30-day free trial of our Website Monitoring and Tech Support, Silva Hunt customers get an extension on that Silva Hunt extra spice. Two hours of free IT consultation on anything from automation to app design and strategy. Just like the business improvement advice offered by Silva Hunt’s tax experts, Paradigm Shift will take a look at how business models can be improved, grown and scaled with simple cloud-based technology.

For more information visit our webpage or send e-mail to