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How does the liquidation of an Estonian company work?

If your business plans don’t work out as you have planned and you wish to end your business activities in Estonia, there are several options to do so. This article will cover the option of selling the company and liquidating it. Selling the company Before considering liquidation, we recommend you try selling the company. If […]


What’s the fastest way to start a company in Estonia? Are you in a hurry with company formation? You’ve got a multinational team of co-founders, some potential investors and clients lined up to fuel your newest endeavour and now you’re wondering where to have a base for your global business. You’ve heard that registering a […]


E-Residency company founders: you don’t want to make these 5 mistakes in your shareholders’ agreement

Starting your business in Estonia with multiple shareholders who all have their e-Residency cards is an easy and fast process. With multiple shareholders, we always recommend making a shareholders agreement. This agreement will govern how the shareholders’ ownership will be managed with regard to the company. In particular, it provides a common understanding of the […]

The Best Digital Banks for E-Residents Seeking an Estonian Bank Account

UPDATE February, 2024: Wise has has confirmed to have re-opened onboarding of Estonian businesses (including ones created by e-Residents) Are you an e-Resident researching the intricacies of obtaining an Estonian bank account? A common misconception is that you must have an Estonian bank account for your Estonian-based entity. However, since 2019, the share capital can […]