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The Best Digital Banks for E-Residents Seeking an Estonian Bank Account

UPDATE February, 2024: Wise has has confirmed to have re-opened onboarding of Estonian businesses (including ones created by e-Residents) Are you an e-Resident researching the intricacies of obtaining an Estonian bank account? A common misconception…
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Financial Analysis and Controlling: A Step Beyond Bookkeeping

Discover how our financial analysts can save you time, bring critical financial insights into focus, and guide you through planning and analysis for successful business expansion. Get in touch today to let our experts take a closer look at your case!
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How do you determine a permanent establishment?

Understand the role of a 'Permanent Establishment' in taxation for e-residents. This comprehensive guide explains how a permanent establishment affects your tax obligations, especially when operating in different countries like Germany and Estonia. Learn about the double tax avoidance agreement, what constitutes a permanent establishment, its exceptions, and its implications for digital products and holding companies.
permanent establishment germany estonia example

Wise has stopped opening accounts, which alternatives can you suggest?

So far the most popular fintech for e-Residents has been Wise (formerly Transferwise), which has stopped opening new business accounts as per latest knowledge (Feb 2024). In this article we provide an overview of other fintech services providers…
permanent establishment germany estonia example

Can an Estonian company own real estate abroad? How would real estate be included in the company?

Yes you can own real estate in abroad. The sales of the real estate will be done through local notary and the company will be the owner. You send us the finalized sales agreement and we declare it in the accounting. NB!…
permanent establishment germany estonia example

How to get started with Silva Hunt?

Write to us an email or get in touch +372 5621 555 4 via  WhatsApp. We will have a short call to determine if we are suitable for each other. If we are a match then we will send you our KYC ( Know-Your-Customer) form. After we have…
permanent establishment germany estonia example

When do I need an EORI number?

The EORI number is an identifier requested by certain entities that deal with export and import operations in Europe. This only affects companies that handle the merchandise directly. For Amazon FBA businesses this is not needed since the…
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Who is a VAT Payer with Limited Liability?

If you haven't registered for VAT and your Estonian company purchases services outside the EU, in the minimum amount of 10 000€. Then you must register as a so-called entity liable to VAT with limited liability and pay VAT from the cost of…
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If I am selling all over EU B2C can I register for VAT only in Estonia?

If your Estonian company sells to other EU countries' consumers then the general rules are as follows: If you exceed 100 000€ in sales serving the following countries' clients... Austria France Germany Luxembourg …
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If you register a company in Estonia and have a bank account – can you operate in any european country?

Companies founded by e-residents in Estonia are counted as EU companies. There is no legal distinction between an "e-Residency company" or "virtual company", it's simply an EU company registered in Estonia. As such, all general rules on operating…
permanent establishment germany estonia example

Can I pay my salary in crypto currencies?

Yes, from your Estonian company, you can pay out your salary in crypto currencies. You can use any crypto currency you prefer. The payment in tax and legal perspective acts like regular salary payment. This means, that on the payment you need…
permanent establishment germany estonia example

What are the founding fees for legal entities that are not OÜ?

More info on different legal bodies´ state fees here:
permanent establishment germany estonia example