Changes to Estonian commercial code, Estonian business law changes

Estonian Commercial Code in 2023 & 2024: Changes are coming!

Running a business in Estonia is about to get even easier with some major Estonian business law changes coming into force from 1st February and later on in 2024!
e-Services for e-Residents Estonia

Available business support e-services for e-Resident entrepreneurs in Estonia

Here’s an overview of the most commonly used e-services available to e-residents, looking to launch their start-up businesses in Estonia.

3 Easy Steps to Switching Service Providers for e-Residency Companies in Estonia

Finding the right service provider for your e-Residency company can help you save valuable time and earn you more money. If you are ready to switch to a new service provider, then firstly, we can confirm that YES, it is possible to switch!...…

Investing in Cryptocurrency as a company vs. as a personal investment

Before investing in cryptocurrency, you need to decide whether to do so as an individual or as a company (legal entity). This is the question we are going to explore in this blog post and this is an area that we can support you with. Investing…

How e-Residents can open an Interactive Brokers account for their Estonian business

This post about opening an Interactive brokers (IBKR) account for businesses is a guest post by our partner Thomas Heyden from Systrade AG, one of the leading Introducing Brokers of IBKR and a specialist in brokerage and asset management…

Introducing Invest in Estonia: Helping potential and existing investors unlock opportunities

Estonia regularly hits the headlines as a country which offers excellent advice and opportunities for businesses. You may have read about solutions like e-Residency or the exemplary support for start-up growth and investment. Invest in Estonia…

New Estonian cryptocurrency licensing laws – What you must do to comply

Once an industry that was used to operating with minimal government guidelines, cryptocurrency licensing in Estonia now has complex new laws coming into force. Here, Silva Hunt explores some of the new rules, taking you through the requirements…

How to transfer crypto assets to your Estonian company

Do you have some crypto assets that you want to transfer to your company? a good way to do that is through making a non-monetary share capital contribution to your Estonian OÜ. But first, we´ll shed some light on the share capital payment…

How does the liquidation of an Estonian company work?

If your business plans don’t work out as you have planned and you wish to end your business activities in Estonia, there are several options to do so. This article will cover the option of selling the company and liquidating it. Selling…