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What do you mean by “transactions”?

1 transaction is:

  • 1 sales invoice
  • 1 row on Your bank statement
  • 1 purchase invoice
    • NB! For a yearly subscriptions, we need to periodize the cost, resulting in an additional 12 transactions, one for each month (Only in the month when the purchase invoices for yearly subscriptions are recorded, there will be 12 additional transactions each for periodization. However, these additional transactions will not occur in the following months.)
  • 1 VAT report
  • 1 salary calculation


You are a company, who in one month does:

  • 5 sales invoices (5 transactions)
  • 10 purchase invoices, including 2 yearly subscriptions (10 + 24 transactions)
  • 25 bank statement entries (25 transactions)
  • 1 employee salary payment (1 transaction)
  • VAT declaration (1 transaction)

This totals 66 transactions for the month.


However, due to periodization for the 2 yearly subscription invoices, only 44 transactions will be visible in the accounting program for this month, with the remaining transactions distributed over the next 11 months. Without periodization, the real count for this month would also be 44 transactions.

At Silva Hunt, we use the UKU program to track our time and transactions. Our end-of-month report will show that the accountant processed 66 transactions. Transactions exceeding the package count will be invoiced according to contract.

Clients often request proof of transactions, but we can only provide the transaction count from Merit, which will show 44 transactions due to periodization. Therefore, we ask you to trust the information provided by your accountant. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to generate a report showing all 66 transactions for the exact period. The best we can offer is the general ledger with all transactions for the desired period, though it won’t specify when each transaction was completed.

Please note that there may be additional special cases not covered above. For example, if your company has fixed assets requiring monthly amortization or needs to settle prepayments with invoices, these will result in additional transactions.


Our standard full-service package with accounting includes either 50 transactions a month (25 sales invoices) for an active company or 50 transactions a year for a passive company, have a look for all the details here.
If you have a special case please write to us at info@silvahunt.ee for a more personalised quote.