Online company set-up

  • Introduction of our team

    You will get to know everyone in the Silva Hunt team, our skills and background and how we can help you best

  • Mapping your company’s needs and wants (1.5 h)

  • Presentation of e-Residency and its possibilities by our team

  • Process description and opening a company. State fee 190€ already included

    We will go through the process of registering a company in the Estonian Business Registry, step-by-step. The Estonian state fee 190€ is already included in the onboarding price.

    The process takes ca. 0.5 hours, the confirmation less than 24 hours.

  • Q&A round – tax consultation and personalised questions

    We will advise you in detail about taxes and answer any questions you might have.

  • Guidebook in PDF format

    The guidebook includes all the information you might need in an easy format

555 € + VAT
  • Introduction of our team
  • Company incorporation
  • VAT registration
  • State fee for the commercial register (190 €)
  • Tax consultation and personalised questions

Company set-up in Estonia

  • Few days in Tallinn, Estonia

    We organize a program for your onboarding which includes business related learnings, inspiring networking, culture and delicious food.
    After this weekend you will be familiar with Estonian business culture and relevant regulation. You will have your company ready for operations and you will know what you can do with it and who to contact for all kind of business related occasions.

  • Get to know the Founding Members!

    Who else would be better to show you around Tallinn than Silva Hunt founding members Kadri, Meelis and Kaspar.
    We invest our time to bond with our future customers and create relationships which last.

  • Get the company up and running

    Together we don’t only perform your first steps into digital Estonia by setting up documents, signing them digitally and finishing the establishment of your company. We also meet bank representatives and make sure that you won’t leave Estonia without a proper business bank account.

  • Meet other e-Residents

    We strongly believe that bringing inspiring characters like our customers together adds a lot of benefit for everybody. So at our onboarding weekend you can learn best practices and start mastermind groups with likeminded personalities with many mutual interests.

899 € + VAT
  • Introduction to Estonian business cultures and relevant regulation
  • Consulting and guidance through the process
  • Company incorporation
  • VAT registration
  • Program, guides & transfers in Tallinn
  • Food & beverages
  • State fee for the commercial register (190 €)
  • Bank fees for account opening
  • Business license costs
  • Accommodation
  • Every extra person 399€

Regular services on a monthly basis

  • That Silva Hunt extra spice

    Knowing our partners in person and wanting to be the best partner for you, we also help with Estonia related questions, co-operations with local companies and inquiries to public offices. We dedicate 2 hours monthly to our client’s special needs.

  • Network & Community

    Take part of the Mastermind group and active community made of our clients who are experienced professionals just like you. We help you find the right contacts, necessary for your business! As a bonus you enjoy the free membership of EERICA

  • We let you know, when you could do better!

    Our tax experts go through your setup every year and give suggestions how to improve your model. This includes Tax Audit.

  • Legal address & contact person

    You’re obliged to have an address in Estonia and an appointed contact person. We provide both.

  • Accounting & salary calculations

    We keep a record of your business transactions according to local regulation and calculate everything related to your salaries and compose a mandatory annual report. Package includes 50 accounting entries per year. Additional transactions cost 3€/each.

  • Tax reporting & annual statements

    Monthly VAT declarations, fringe benefits and taxes: All done.
    Annual statements: Included in the monthly fee.

  • State of the art accounting software

    We provide you with an accounting frontend as easy as it could be: Snap a pic of your receipts with our app on your mobile phone and upload them directly into your company’s books.
    Use our accounting dashboard to see the overview of the turnover and costs. In the sales section, create invoices, add products and customers or manage different projects.

349 €/month + VAT
One rate includes all you need

That’s what you’ve been looking for? Great: We’re looking forward to welcoming you in Tallinn soon!

Additional services

  • Business license
    150 €/h + VAT
    Consultation, document preparation, application
  • Tax consultation
    150 €/h + VAT
    For international tax strategies
  • Legal consultation
    150 €/h + VAT
  • Startup visa consultation
    150 €/h + VAT
  • Power of attorney
    275 €/case + VAT
    To represent you at government authorities
  • Office rental
    from 250 €/month + VAT

Principles: How we want to partner with you

Working together at eye level is what we aim for. That’s why we don’t offer a fully remote three steps company setup. We want to get to know you in person. And we are happy and proud to show you Estonia.

We are convinced that it supports our partnership every day when you know a bit more about the business environment and the local culture and traditions that give you the framework for sustainable success. Your business will be more successful if you took the effort in the beginning to learn something about these little rules and specialties in Estonia.

Silva Hunt is the Estonian company service provider for experienced entrepreneurs. This means we aim for sustainable, long lasting partnerships for the benefit of all parties involved. The personal bond between the acting personalities is the key factor which drives business as we like it.

We don’t make any restrictions regarding the industry you are working in. More the opposite: The more challenging your demand is the more interesting it becomes. Especially when others have already failed.

  • Location independent business

    We make sure you have the latest and best digital tools at hand to manage your company from everywhere at any time.

  • But first: Come visit Estonia!

    We want to get to know you and we believe it makes a lot of sense if you also know us in person. Also we want to show you what Estonian business culture is about.

Mastermind gatherings in Estonia

Twice a year we call everyone together for mastermind events that help you to get most out of your Estonian venture: The events are packed with inspiring talks, workshops & networking events.

  • Spring in Estonia

    When snow is gone and nature starts to blossom it’s time to come together here in the North of Europe to discuss new ideas and the latest developments.

  • Fall in Europe

    The autumn mastermind event takes place in warmer areas of Southern Europe and brings together amazing personalities to set sparkles for new ideas, plans and ventures.