Harnessing Collective Wisdom: A Review of the Silva Hunt Mastermind Retreat by Rico Fritzsche

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My March began on an energetic note in Mallorca, hosted by the Estonian service provider Silva Hunt. They were hosting their bi-annual Mastermind Retreat, and guess what? I both soaked up the knowledge and shared some of my own as a keynote speaker. It’s this amazing weekend in which we have, amongst other sessions, several Mastermind sessions where seasoned entrepreneurs get together, break into small groups and dive deep into each other’s business challenges. We all bring our issues to the table and then work through them piece by piece. It’s hands-on, it’s real, and frankly, it’s super useful.

I’m the kind of person who thrives on the spontaneity of the moment, which means I don’t usually script my talks. This time it was a bit of a mixed bag – lots to say, limited time, and perhaps a bit unstructured. Lesson learned:

Even a loose outline wouldn’t hurt.
Mastermind Retreat Silva Hunt, Speaker Rico Fritzsche

Surrounded by others like me – Fellow Entrepreneurs, always self-employed

It wasn’t my first Silva Hunt Mastermind, but this year, something clicked during the introductions. You often hear stories of people who worked a 9-to-5 job for years before jumping into entrepreneurship. Not me. I’ve been on this entrepreneurial ride since my mid-20s. And in that group of around twenty entrepreneurs, I wasn’t the odd one out. It felt good to be among peers who’d been in the trenches, each with a unique story.

Reflecting on my journey, I’ve realized fear never really played a part in my decision to be an entrepreneur. It was more about diving in and seeing where the current took me. Looking around, I see many trapped in the comfort of their jobs, too wary of failure to make a leap.

But here’s the thing – I’ve never been paralyzed by the thought of failing. Maybe it’s because I focus more on the task at hand than on what could go wrong. However, I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a bit more cautious over the years. Time to refocus on what really matters.

Mastering Focus: Leaving Distractions Behind

I’ve been wrestling with a personal challenge this year: focus. I realize I catch fire too easily, too often. But honing in on what truly matters is crucial. It’s dawned on me that time is the only thing we can truly lose in life. This realization has pushed me to master the art of saying “no” more often.

During a particularly insightful session with Martin Nørgaard Gregersen during the Silva Hunt Mastermind Retreat, he posed a question that stuck with me:

“What mountain will you climb?”

He illustrated the renowned 80/20 rule—where 20% of your effort yields 80% of your results. But what really hit home for me was learning about the 1% rule: you have to be ruthless in choosing only 1% of the missions offered in life, turning down 99% of so-called “opportunities” that are really just distractions.

This was a really great learning for me. It led me to identify one of my distractions: social media. Over the years, I had gotten into the habit of checking Instagram and Facebook in the morning with my coffee, instead of using the morning’s energy to go jogging outside or write an article. Looking back, I can only shake my head and say: what nonsense. In addition, I found myself wondering why I was so eager to consume endless details about others’ lives on Instagram or Facebook. It’s completely useless. Even when I posted my own updates and basked in the glow of “likes,” I had to ask myself, “What’s the point? Does this contribute to my self-development in any way?” The clear answer was NO; it was just wasted time.

As a result, I made the decision to leave Facebook and Instagram. And you know what? I haven’t missed it for a single day. This has been a liberating realization, reinforcing the importance of focusing on what truly enriches my life and career. Letting go of these platforms has freed up more time for me to invest in meaningful activities and connections, aligning closer with my goals and values.

It’s about choosing your mountains wisely. You can not climb 10 mountains at once. Investing your efforts where they count the most, and learning to say no to the rest. This approach has helped me to sharpen my focus and has brought a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose to my day to day life.

Wrapping up, the Silva Hunt Mastermind Retreat was more than just a business gathering; it was an enriching experience, with great insights and practical lessons. The blend of practical advice, shared entrepreneurial battles, and the expert sessions such as the one on focus and decision-making enriched every participant, myself included. For me, it also got clear that the value of a loose outline for a presentation and the importance of focusing energy on what truly matters cannot be overstated.

The insights gained from this experience, particularly about minimizing distractions and prioritizing tasks, will undoubtedly shape my approach to both business and personal life. In essence, the mastermind wasn’t just a meeting of minds, but a realignment of them towards more intentional and fulfilling paths. The journey continues, but now with a sharper, more focused direction.

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