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The Best Digital Banks for E-Residents Seeking an Estonian Bank Account

UPDATE February, 2024: Wise has has confirmed to have re-opened onboarding of Estonian businesses (including ones created by e-Residents) Are you an e-Resident researching the intricacies of obtaining an Estonian bank account? A common misconception…
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Financial Analysis and Controlling: A Step Beyond Bookkeeping

Discover how our financial analysts can save you time, bring critical financial insights into focus, and guide you through planning and analysis for successful business expansion. Get in touch today to let our experts take a closer look at your case!
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How do you determine a permanent establishment?

Understand the role of a 'Permanent Establishment' in taxation for e-residents. This comprehensive guide explains how a permanent establishment affects your tax obligations, especially when operating in different countries like Germany and Estonia. Learn about the double tax avoidance agreement, what constitutes a permanent establishment, its exceptions, and its implications for digital products and holding companies.

How does the liquidation of an Estonian company work?

If your business plans don’t work out as you have planned and you wish to end your business activities in Estonia, there are several options to do so. This article will cover the option of selling the company and liquidating it. Selling…
What’s the fastest way to start a company in Estonia? Are you in a hurry with company formation? You’ve got a multinational team of co-founders, some potential investors and clients lined up to fuel your newest endeavour and now you’re…

Q&A with NOMADS. insure: What Obtaining a Business Licence in Estonia Looks Like

There’s a list of business activities that require a licence in order to legally operate in Estonia. For example, if you’re dealing with finance and financial activities, tourism, the labour market, or insurance, you MUST go through the…

E-Residency company founders: you don’t want to make these 5 mistakes in your shareholders’ agreement

Starting your business in Estonia with multiple shareholders who all have their e-Residency cards is an easy and fast process. With multiple shareholders, we always recommend making a shareholders agreement. This agreement will govern how the…

What defines a startup company in Estonia? 

Different countries can have different views about what a startup is. When you apply for the Estonian Startup Visa you need to make sure you’re on the same page with the official info. Typically, a startup is a company in the early stages…

The easiest way to add a shareholder into your Estonian company structure

Are you planning to involve investors in your Estonian company and wondering how to do it? We'd like to give you an overview of ways you can…

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions our clients have asked. What is e-Residency?   Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides entrepreneurs with access…
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FIU000284: Our business licence is here.

The last week was big for Silva Hunt. We managed to get the approval for our license (No. FIU000284). It was given to us by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (where you can check it right away and at all time). It allows us…