Inspiring onboarding weekend with Lukas Sprung

Onboarding with Silva Hunt

In the following article I am going to write about our onboarding weekend with Silva Hunt’s new friend and client Lukas Sprung. He came to Tallinn, Estonia to complete the first step of joining Silva Hunt circle and create his new Estonian company. I’ll tell you a little bit what we did during his stay, share you his feedback and the impact his visit had on me.

We were onboarding for two days – Friday and Saturday. The whole board of directors:  Kadri Kaasik, Meelis Krautmann and Kaspar Karik were with Lukas every step of the way.

In addition Lukas brought along another fan of Silva Hunt. His name is Jack and he is a Jack Russel Terrier.

Onboarding with Silva Hunt
Jack Russell Terrier, Jack


First day started out with e-Estonia briefing centre where we learned more about Estonia as a country, business culture, digital possibilities including e-services and e-residency and much, much more. We were fortunate enough to go through a few e-services all together on the big screen to illustrate the ease and efficiency of our e-way! Our lovely host Anett Numa did a great job in giving us the presentation and answering our questions

Onboarding with Silva Hunt
From the left: Meelis, Lukas, Anett, Kadri, Kaspar

A lot was discussed and done during the first day. City was seen and dishes were tasted, but the most important thing is when we created the company with Lukas. Possibilities grew instantly with that action. We were glad to help.
Here is the picture after the ”birth” of Sprung Holdings OÜ

Onboarding with Silva Hunt
Birth of Sprung Holdings OÜ

Cherry on top for the first day was the  dinner at restaurant Vintage 17, where we enjoyed our evening before heading off for free time.


Since we had a pretty long day on Friday and one of us had barely any sleep at all because of the late flight, we decided to start the day at 12.
After picking up Lukas, we gathered at Estonian Open Air Museum where we saw Estonian people’s history – how Estonian people lived, how we worked, under whos authority we were and when etc.
During our excursion we had the chance to try out the local ‘’village swing’’ and we didn’t think twice:

Onboarding with Silva Hunt
Guys having fun on the village swing

After the excursion and lunch where we tried classical Estonian food and beverage, we headed back to the Hilton hotel, where we had our Q&A session. It’s great to see how our client’s eyes lit up after getting answers to their questions and tips of possible solutions to run their business more effectively. This is the most rewarding feeling, if you can assist your client and make his or her life better.

After the lunch, sightseeing and the Q&A we got hungry again so went to have dinner to restaurant Trühvel which we enjoyed great atmosphere, great food and great time. What an excellent way to end our journey this time!

Feedback about the weekend from Lukas:

”I’ve been comfortable with Silva Hunt since the beginning. All 3 of them welcomed me friendly and personally in Tallinn. During the Onboarding Weekend they not only introduced me to the corporate culture of Estonia but also to the city of Tallinn. Questions about starting a business, bank accounts, tax issues were answered professionally. I can recommend to everyone to rely on the competence of Silva Hunt and to have a local contact person on site.”


So you know, every weekend is a little bit different depending on the needs and preferences of the people we are facilitating. We are flexible.

Lukas was really inspiring. The intense thrive and focus to reach his goals, the strict schedule for each section or task of the day is mind blowing. At the same time so humble, laid back and helpful. Dishing out ideas, talking about his experience and finding new possibilities.
Truly a great new friend for Silva Hunt to have.

I was inspired that much, that I rejoined the 5 AM club and have seen it through this week. 5 AM club in essence means that you will wake up in the morning at 5AM or earlier, when everybody else are sleeping. This way I will have peace and quiet and I’ll be able to focus on myself, my mission and tasks that need to be tackled that day. I feel energized, empowered and so much more productive that I can say for me it is completely worth it! It’s really helpful that the sun is coming out now more often (spring is here).
When I wake up and go for my morning exercise, I do so with the sunrise. Lukas reminded me how important it is to have a schedule and clear mission for each day. Thank you for that!

I will keep this up. Keep going, improving and moving closer to the goal. With so inspiring and successful clients it’s easier. As we all know having a good quality mastermind group around you raises you to the new heights.

Don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity? Want to be part of the wolf pack? You have questions?

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