How does forming a company in Estonia work? - Silva Hunt

How does forming a company in Estonia work?

If you already have the e-Residency card

How long does it take: maximum up to 2 working days*

*Provided you give us all info as soon as possible without any delays.


1. Start by choosing a name for your company.

You can check the availability of the name here.


2. As your service provider Silva Hunt will send you the standard articles of association. You should let us know if you want to change anything in it or not.


3. Silva Hunt will do the company registration on behalf of you based on the information you give us.

The registration application consists of:

1. Filling out the application (done by Silva Hunt)

2. Digitally signing (This is the part where you give your digital signature)

3. Payment of the state fee (done by Silva Hunt)*

4. Submitting the application (done by Silva Hunt)

NB! Our company formation fee already includes the 265€ state fee for company formation so you don’t have to pay it separately.

If there are multiple shareholders all of them should have the e-Residency card to provide an e-signature for company registration.

What if you don’t have the e-Residency card or want to form the company by another company? We have written an article about that here.