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Top 6 Digital Nomad Obstacles and Effective Strategies to Surmount Them

In recent years, the digital nomad lifestyle has gained immense popularity among independent professionals seeking greater freedom, flexibility, new experiences, cultures, and adventure in their lives. So what exactly is a digital nomad? Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or remote worker, a digital nomad is someone who is location-independent and relies on the power of online technology to earn a living, allowing them the freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world.

While the digital nomad lifestyle offers many benefits, such as the ability to work from preferred locations and the ability to work within a self-determined schedule, it can also present challenges. In this blog post, we explore some of the most common challenges faced by digital nomads. We’re not wanting to discourage you though, so read on for plenty of tips on how to overcome these challenges to make the digital nomad lifestyle an achievable goal for you!

1. Keeping yourself and your equipment safe

Moving from location to location means moving around with all of your cherished and expensive equipment – such as a laptop, mobile phone, headphones etc. These devices are key to enabling you to live the digital nomad lifestyle, so keeping them safe and in good condition is paramount! There are plenty of quick and easy solutions that are worth investing in to help keep your essentials safe…

Tip 1: Anti-theft backpack – Keeping pickpockets at bay, some of the best tried and tested anti-theft backpacks on the market are designed with multiple safety features to keep your equipment safe on your back. These features include puncture-resistant and lockable zippers, cut-resistant material, and stainless steel locking cable for securing bags to any fixture including tables in cafes.

Tip 2: GPS Tracker – These small and lightweight devices are great for digital nomads as they can be hidden in your backpack for easy tracking should your backpack be stolen. A GPS tracker is also very handy to have with you when exploring new places to ensure that you can be found in case you get lost and need help!

2. Staying Productive While Travelling

Travelling can be a significant distraction for digital nomads, making it challenging to stay productive. Having to change locations and time zones can disrupt work schedules, possibly leading to missed calls, deadlines, and decreased productivity. Digital nomads need robust strategies to stay focused and disciplined…

Tip 1: Create a dedicated workspaceFrom cafes to libraries, Co-working spaces, and bars, there are plenty of options to find a dedicated workspace. Here at Silva Hunt, we love a professional co-working space! Built as dedicated workspaces with remote workers in mind, you have everything you need; desk space, wi-fi, coffee… and perhaps most importantly, a community of fellow digital nomads to hang out with, which brings all kinds of benefits. Go and check out to see a map showing coworking spaces all around the world! Some are free, and some require a membership, but either way, you are guaranteed to find something that works for you.

Tip 2: Set specific work hours – Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, work when you are most productive to help set clear working hours for each day for optimum focus, productivity, and effective time management. If you’re going to do some working from home, make sure you stick to your schedule, or else you’ll find yourself distracted by household chores or worse still, Netflix!

3. Maintaining a Social Balance

Living and working in different locations can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, leading to feelings of loneliness and anxiety. To avoid burnout, it is vitally important to prioritise your mental health and well-being with a good work-life balance.

Tip 1: Take your time to embrace your new surroundings – One of the main attractions to living a digital nomad lifestyle is having the freedom to explore new places and new cultures. Travel slower and take your time in your new surroundings to explore and embrace!

Tip 2: Keep up with your hobbies – Wherever you are in the world, keep up with your hobbies! Whether that is running, hiking to dancing, continue to do what you love to do the most to alleviate stress and be filled with joy and happiness. They’ll also create additional opportunities for you to make new friends and connections.

4. Taking care of your Mental Health and Wellbeing

Being away from family and friends can make the digital nomad lifestyle an isolating existence. With many digital nomads working alone and moving frequently between cities and countries, finding a new support network for emotional support as well as maintaining a social life can be challenging, especially in new locations where they may not know anyone. Digital nomads need to be proactive when it comes to meeting and building new connections with like-minded people. Here’s how to get started…

Tip 1: Join online communities – Seek out online communities such as groups on Facebook that aim to bring together fellow digital nomads and open doors to new opportunities for collaboration and friendship. Check out for instant access to a global digital nomad community of over 62,000 remote workers from over 287 cities around the world!

Tip 2: Attend networking events – Commonly promoted as events on Facebook and LinkedIn, find in-person networking events near you that are geared towards digital nomads for valuable face-to-face interaction.

5. Managing Finances and Taxes and Staying Compliant

Managing finances whilst staying compliant with the law can be challenging for digital nomads when travelling through different countries. With information varying from country to country, it is important to stay up to date with changing taxation laws, foreign exchange regulations, and financial reporting requirements. In addition to this, with payments coming from multiple clients, it is important to keep accurate records of income and personal expenses for taxation purposes.

Tip 1: Find the best currency exchange deal – When arriving in a new country, find the best deal on currency conversion for minimal exchange rate loss on any funds that need to be transferred. Check out XE, one of the most popular currency exchange apps for real-time exchange rates between every global currency. If you’re going to be handling cash, it’s always cheaper to exchange money before you move between countries.

Tip 2: Set up an account with a digital bank for client payments – Consider using a digital bank like Wise which helps to transfer and exchange money internationally without the costly transaction fees. It also allows you to set up a business account to receive client payments and manage cash flow in multiple currencies.

6. Navigating Company Management and Bureaucracy in Different Countries

One of the less glamorous aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle is dealing with company management and the bureaucratic paperwork required in many countries. Setting up and running a company, along with staying tax compliant, can be a time-consuming and daunting process, particularly when you’re frequently on the move. But don’t worry, we have a game-changing solution for you!

Tip 1: Embrace Estonian e-Residency – Estonia offers a unique e-Residency program, allowing you to create and run a fully digital company that can be managed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. This revolutionary program makes company management a breeze, eliminating the need to navigate complex bureaucracy and paperwork across multiple countries.

Tip 2: Partner with a Premium e-Residency Service Provider – To simplify the process even further, consider partnering with a premium e-Residency service provider like Silva Hunt. We help you set up and manage your company, ensure you are tax compliant, and provide a network of international entrepreneurs. With Silva Hunt on your side, you can focus on enjoying your digital nomad lifestyle and growing your business without the stress of managing your company across borders.

Ready to take the leap and embrace the digital nomad lifestyle? Silva Hunt is here to support you every step of the way! Start your journey today and join our thriving community of international entrepreneurs. Contact us to learn more about our e-Residency services and how we can help you achieve the ultimate digital nomad dream!

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