Onboarding with Silva Hunt

In the following article I am going to write about our onboarding weekend with Silva Hunt’s new friend and client Lukas Sprung. He came to Tallinn, Estonia to complete the first step of joining Silva Hunt circle and create his new Estonian company. I’ll tell you a little bit what we did during his stay, share you his feedback and the impact his visit had on me.

We were onboarding for two days – Friday and Saturday. The whole board of directors:  Kadri Kaasik, Meelis Krautmann and Kaspar Karik were with Lukas every step of the way.

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The last week was big for Silva Hunt. We managed to get the approval for our license (No. FIU000284). It was given to us by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (where you can check it right away and at all time). It allows us to offer services to trust funds and companies, which in essence means that we can start offering our services as e-residents’ company service provider to you!

This ’’little project’’ of ours has been going on since September. We are still a young wolf pack, who is getting to know each other, also growing stronger day by day. When Kaspar, one of the founding members, was asked what is his biggest take away and thought, he answered:

’’I think we have a strong team with a variance of personalities and strengths. I believe each one of the members has their own peculiarity which enforces the team and brings us to a whole new level. We are definitely here to make things happen for our clients and help Estonia to get a wider recognition throughout the world.’’