Silva Hunt summer client meetup in Viljandi

Past events

5. May

Visadb webinar with Silva Hunt and our client Marc Eichner

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18. – 20. May

Silva Hunt client meetup + Latitude59

We thought we´d put 2 great things together: our clients + Latitude59.

Latitude59 is a startup conference with almost as many investors as startups, so it is a great place to network for an experienced entrepreneur!

16.March, 6 pm CET

Livestream – the Estonia advantage –

Tax, Residency, Corporate Structures

Derren Joseph EA is hosting a webinar about the Estonian business environment and Silva Hunt OÜ is fortunate to be the guest!

Tune in 16. March 6 pm CET “LIVESTREAM-The Estonia Advantage – Tax, Residency, Corporate Structures” and find out:

+ Why would it make sense to set up a company in Estonia
+ What is the Estonian tax system like
+ Why do many of our clients use a holding company in Estonia

16.February , 1 pm CET

Live Q&A with the e-Residency Team & Silva Hunt – Ask us Anything!

Thinking about becoming an e-resident? Or looking to start a company in Estonia?

Join the e-Residency team and special guest experts to find out all you need to know about e-Residency and starting a company in Estonia. If you need answers to any of the following questions, this session is for you!

  • What is e-Residency?
  • Who can apply for e-Residency?
  • What does e-Residency enable me to do?
  • How do I become an e-resident?
  • How do I start a company in Estonia with e-Residency?
  • Who can help me with my business?
  • Where do I pay company taxes?
  • How do I open a business bank account?
  • How can I find out more?

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4.February , 2 pm CET

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How e-Residents benefit from using Interactive Brokers

This will be covered by our guest speaker Thomas Heyden. An e-Resident and a certified European Financial Market Analyst working for Systrade AG who helps companies set up their IB accounts.

Thomas will go over:

  • His own experience of using IB for his company’s investments.
  • Why do you need help setting up the IB account
  • The structure and benefits for e-Residents
  • Scaling solutions with IB & Systrade AG

16. December 2pm CET

Rewatch the webinar here.

Webinar: “How to scale to 500k revenue a month with Tik Tok ads“

Find out:

  1. What kind of offers and content WORK
  2. Campaigns integration and structure
  3. How to test offers
  4. How to scale to 500k revenue a month

All of this will be unpacked by our guest speaker Roman Ihatenko who has been in affiliate marketing since 2015. Back then he was running Facebook ads mostly. He reached the volume of thousands of leads daily with white hat offers from lead gen verticals. But starting from 2021 he started to run Tiktok ads (same offers), and his monthly ROI went up from 30% to 144% a month. Ever since then Roman has been committed to using Tik Tok ads.