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How e-residents benefit from the Estonian Smart-ID

Did you know that besides using your Estonian digital ID, there is also another solution for signing documents? The good news is that it is also available to e-residents as an app called Smart-ID. Some of the reasons to prefer Smart-ID are its speed, conveniency – and it works even if your digital ID card has […]


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions our clients have asked. What is e-Residency?   Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides entrepreneurs with access to Estonia’s transparent digital business environment. You can find out all about e-Residency, who can apply, how to apply etc. […]

Submitting your annual report in Estonia

What is an annual report? The annual report is a financial document that gives an overview of the company’s financial position and financial performance. The size of your company and its business activities also decide the length and content of the annual report. Who has to submit it? Every company registered in Estonia (including companies […]

Language requirements for e-residents´ webpages

Many entrepreneurs who own a company in Estonia, but do business elsewhere have to translate their websites or at least a summary of their webpage into Estonian. This also includes e-residents who have founded Estonian OÜs. Silva Hunt will explain in detail why and how this can be done and added to your webpage easily. […]

Tax basics for e-residents

Personal tax residency First of all, regardless of your e-Residency status, you must always pay personal tax in the country in which you are a tax resident. It is very important to understand the difference between e-Residenct and residency – the first one is a  digital status, the second one a physical residency with residential benefits and […]